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Creating Employee Profiles

Upon first enabling the integration, you should check whether all locations, departments & roles have been mapped. If they have been mapped, then you should check if any employees that exist in both systems have been mapped.

Any existing active employee profiles in your system that haven’t already been mapped to an employee in 7shifts should be created in 7shifts using the POST request structure from the previous sub-section for each active employee.

Again, please ensure that only Employee profiles are being sent over, as Admin, Manager & Assistant Manager profiles must be created in 7shifts to avoid unexpected permission issues.

Once that initial sync is done, the integration must be built so that as soon as an employee profile is created in your system, a corresponding employee profile gets created in 7shifts as well.


You should have a field in your database that is used to track the 7shifts user ID (user.id) of the created or mapped user. This will help understand whether there’s already a corresponding user in 7shifts for the user in question in your system.

This will also help with the next sections, where if a user has already been created/mapped into 7shifts, then the integration must update the existing 7shifts user instead of creating a new one.