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Deactivate/Reactivate Employee Profile in 7shifts

As soon as a user is deactivated or deleted in your system, the integration must ideally make a PUT request to the /users endpoint to update the user in 7shifts as well. In order for the request to be successful, you’ll need to ensure that the user in question already has a 7shifts user ID associated with it in your system.

7shifts doesn’t support truly deleting employee information, so if your system supports total deletion of employee data, then that can simply be translated to a deactivation action in 7shifts (i.e. set the active field to false).

To reinstate, it’s extremely important that the active field is being set to true upon an active employee being created in 7shifts, and then modified subsequently only upon an employee either being deactivated/deleted or reactivated in your system. Modifying this field for any other actions may result in very grave complications on the 7shifts side and could result in a great deal of inconvenience and damage to the mutual client.