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Updating Employee Profiles

As soon as a user is updated in your system, the integration must ideally make a PUT request to the /users endpoint to update the user in 7shifts as well. In order for the request to be successful, you’ll need to ensure that the user in question already has a 7shifts user ID associated with it in your system, and the required roles, departments & locations that need to be updated have been mapped.

Depending on what info got updated, you will need to use one of the two previously-mentioned PUT request structures:

1. PUT request for updating info to be used when the following have been updated in your system:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone
  • Email (only if the user doesn’t already have one in 7shifts)

2. PUT request for updating assignments to be used when the following assignments have been updated in your system:

  • Roles
  • Departments
  • Locations