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Integration Overview

Functionality Overview

The employee sync integration ensures that employee data remains consistent between your system and 7shifts.
This involves creating or updating employee data in 7shifts when there’s an update to employee data in your system.

You will be interacting with the following 7shifts API endpoints for building this integration:

What’s in it for the client?

  • Ability to create new employees in your system and having them show up in 7shifts with proper role & wage data
  • Ability to update existing 7shifts employee data to reflect changes from your system
  • Ability to read employee & wage data from 7shifts

Functionality Limitations

This integration guide doesn’t cover every employee sync possibility. Here are some of the limitations you should note:

  • Only the following information will be synced through this integration:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email (must not be updated after the first time)
    • Phone
    • Active/Inactive state
    • Role Assignment
    • Department Assignment
    • Location Assignment
    • Wage Assignment
  • Only profiles with the 7shifts user type Employee can be created. Admin, Manager & Assistant Manager profiles cannot be created through this integration because of permission-related intricacies in the 7shifts platform