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POST Structure for /time_punches

Creating time punch data in 7shifts is handled through a POST request to the 7shifts /time_punches endpoint. Here’s an example:

Request URL

POST https://api.7shifts.com/v1/time_punches

Request body

	"time_punch": {
		"user_id": 246800,
		"role_id": 135790,
		"department_id": 98765,
		"location_id": 12345,
		"date": "2020-07-31",
		"clocked_in": "16:00:00"


    "status": "success",
    "data": {
        "time_punch": {
            "id": 1357924680
    "message": "Punch has been added"

Here’s an explanation of each of the fields required in the request body:

user_idNumericThe 7shifts ID of the user clocking in (id field from the users response object)
role_idNumericThe ID of the role that the user is clocking in to work for
department_idNumericThe ID of the department that the user is clocking in at
location_idNumericThe ID of the location that the user is clocking in at
dateText/DateThe local date that the user clocked in on (format: YYYY-MM-DD)
clocked_inText/TimeThe local time that the user clocked in at (format: HH:MM:SS)