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Employee Going on a Break

A PUT request needs to be made to update the existing time punch with break info as soon as an employee goes on a break. Here’s an example PUT request where we update the time punch created in the previous POST request with break data, by using the time punch ID we received from the response.

An employee may take multiple breaks during a shift. As a result, breaks are specified within a breaks object array in the request body to allow specifying multiple breaks. 

Request URL

PUT https://api.7shifts.com/v1/time_punches/1357924680

Request body

	"time_punch": {
		"date": "2020-07-31",
		"clocked_in": "08:00:00",
		"breaks": [
                		"in": "12:00:00",
				"paid": false


    "status": "success",
    "data": {
        "time_punch": {
            "id": 1357924680
    "message": "Punch has been saved"

Here’s an explanation of each of the new fields required in the request body:

breaksArrayArray to specify break objects for each break that the employee takes
breaks.inText/TimeThe local time that the employee started their break
breaks.paidBooleanSpecifies whether the break is paid or unpaid

Please note the following about the above request:

  • The date & clocked_in fields should have the same values that were used in the original POST request to create the punch
  • The paid field in each object in the breaks object array specifies whether the employee is supposed to get paid for the break or not. This is something that you could set up as an integration setting within your system to allow an admin/manager to decide whether breaks should be paid or unpaid
    You could also make this setting allow both types of breaks, and then present a modal to the employee going out on a break asking whether they are taking a paid or an unpaid break. This completely depends on how mutual clients would want to handle breaks, and you can implement the setting logic accordingly