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Employee Returning from a Break

When the employee returns from a break, you need to make a similar PUT request as the previous one while adding a breaks.out field.

Request URL

PUT https://api.7shifts.com/v1/time_punches/1357924680

Request body

	"time_punch": {
		"date": "2020-07-31",
		"clocked_in": "08:00:00",
		"breaks": [
                		"in": "12:00:00",
				"out": "12:30:00",
				"paid": false


    "status": "success",
    "data": {
        "time_punch": {
            "id": 1357924680
    "message": "Punch has been saved"

Here’s an explanation of the new field required in this request body:

breaks.outText/TimeThe local time that the employee returns from their break

Please note the following about the above request:

  • The dateclocked_in, breaks.in, breaks.paid fields must have the same value as the previous PUT request made when the employee started their break

Employees should not be allowed to start another break if they haven’t returned from their previous break yet, i.e., if breaks.out can’t be empty for any break and needs to have a time set before you create another break object for the employee.