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7shifts Account Structure

In order to understand how the mapping works, you need to know how a 7shifts account is usually structured and what the hierarchy looks like.

The following entities within a 7shifts account need to be mapped for the integration, and this is how they relate:

  • Location: Each account/Company can have multiple Locations
  • Department: Each Location can have multiple Departments
  • Role: Each Department can have multiple Roles
  • User: Each User can be assigned to multiple Roles and/or multiple Departments

Some edge cases about this structure that you should keep in mind:

  • It is possible for a user to be assigned to a Department but not be assigned to a Role
  • A Location may have just Roles within it without having any Departments, i.e., the Roles are associated only to the Location and not to any Departments

As a result, there needs to be an established understanding for the integration to know which entity in your system corresponds to which entity in 7shifts.