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POST Structure for /receipts

Creating sales data in 7shifts is handled through a POST request to the 7shifts /receipts endpoint.

An example POST request to the /receipts endpoint to create a sales receipt looks as follows:

Request URL

POST https://api.7shifts.com/v1/receipts

Request body

    "receipt": {
        "total": 4399,
        "open_date": "2020-07-01 10:00:15",
        "location_id": 12345,
        "external_id": "rec_98765"

Here’s an explanation of each of the fields required in the request body:

totalNumericThe net total for the sales receipt in cents (pre-tax, pre-tips, post-discounts)
open_dateText/TimestampThe creation time of the receipt in your system in UTC timestamp
location_idNumericThe ID of the location in 7shifts that the receipt is for
external_idTextThe ID of the sales receipt in your system (must be unique per 7shifts location)