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Location Mapping

Every sales receipt that exists in 7shifts needs to be bound to a location. Thus, there needs to be an established understanding on which 7shifts location a receipt from your system is meant to be bound to.

To allow users to establish this understanding within your integration, you will need to create a UI component that allows mapping locations between the two systems.

Here are some guidelines on what this UI component could look like:

  • Create a location mapping UI page or modal
  • List all locations within your system on one side of the page, with corresponding text fields on the other side of the page for each one of the locations
  • From a UX perspective, the user will be able to enter the ID of the 7shifts location that each location in your system maps to

These IDs must be stored in your system in association to each location in your system within the account. This would enable the integration to use the appropriate 7shifts location ID when sending over a sales receipt to 7shifts for a specific location.


For an enhanced user experience, you may replace the text fields with dropdowns that are populated with 7shifts location names. Users would then be able to choose which named location from 7shifts maps to which location in your system.

You can make the following request for getting a list of all locations within a 7shifts company:

GET https://api.7shifts.com/v1/locations

From a UX perspective, when a user chooses a 7shifts location from the dropdown, you need to store the ID of that 7shifts location against the location in your system.

Here’s an example of what this UI should look like: