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Handle Update Scenarios

Depending on how your sales data source handles receipts, you should ensure that the following scenarios are accounted for in the integration:

Updated totals

  • When the total is updated on the receipt, set the total field in the PUT request body to whatever the new net total is (in cents, pre-tax, pre-tips, post-discounts)

Receipt voiding

  • When a receipt is voided or deleted from your system, set total to 0

Receipt-less refunds

  • If a refund has occurred on a new receipt (i.e., no previous receipt has been updated to portray the refund or the refund was an orphaned refund with no previous receipt association), then set the total to a negative amount equal to whatever the total of the refund is
  • e.g. If the refund is for $35 on a fresh new ticket, set the total field to -3500