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PUT Structure for /receipts

Updating sales data in 7shifts is handled through a PUT request to the 7shifts /receipts endpoint.

Keeping the field values from the POST example in mind, here’s an example PUT request to the /receipts endpoint to update a sales receipt:

Request URL

PUT https://api.7shifts.com/v1/receipts/ext:12345:rec_98765

Request body

    "receipt": {
        "total": 7699

Please note the following about the above request:

  • The request URL requires you to append ‘ext:’, followed by the location_id, followed by ‘:’, followed by the external_id of the receipt
  • The request body only requires you to specify the updated total for the receipt
  • There is currently no way to delete a receipt in 7shifts, so a PUT request would be used instead to set the total field to 0