Version 2023-01-04 Stable Updates

The following changes were introduced in version 2023-01-04 Stable:

Changes from previous stable 2022-10-01:

  • You can now filter List Shifts by shifts_ids, a comma separated list of shift IDs. Max 100 shift IDs.
  • The Retrieve Worked Hours & Wages removed the response property pos_declared_tips and added declared_tips. The value declared_tips consistently includes 7punches or POS declared tips.
  • The Retrieve Identity response payload now includes an array of user objects related to the identity.
  • The Log Book endpoints are out of beta status.

Additions from previous stable 2022-10-01:

If you want migrate to the latest API version add you have two options:

  1. You can add the header x-api-version: 2023-01-04 to your API request. You can do this only to endpoints which you want to upgrade or send it on all your API requests for all endpoints.
  2. If you don't want to set the x-api-version header for all your endpoint requests you can upgrade the base API request of our authentication method by:
    1. for OAuth clients please contact [email protected] and request a version upgrade.
    2. For Access Token, you can edit the API version under developer tools.