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500 error: "Company admin not found."

Making a request to `https://api.7shifts.com/v2/companies` I'm getting a 500 error: ```javascript javascript {"error":"unknown_error","error_description":"Company admin not found.","title":"Company admin not found.","type":"https://httpstatus.es/500","status":500,"detail":""} ``` What does this error mean and how should I handle it? I can provide client ID and company GUID privately if needed.

Enforce minimum plan

Our integration uses features that require "The Works" plan, or possibly a partial featureset with the "Entree" plan I want to make sure that customers have the appropriate plan when enabling the integration. Is this our responsibility to enforce this? How do I enforce it? I assume I check `plan_id` in the /v2/companies endpoint. What are the possible values for this field?

Where does company ID come from?

I'm working on migrating to v2 endpoints. Through the OAuth company grant flow I'm obtaining a company GUID, but all the v2 endpoints also require a company ID—Which seems redundant. The documentation doesn't ever specify where I'm supposed to get this from. Obviously I can call /v2/companies, but will there only ever be a single item in that list for a given GUID or do I have to handle the possibility of multiple company IDs for a single GUID?

Employee Documents and Certifications

Hello, We're looking to gain access to employee documents sections for both uploading and downloading. We have several use cases where an employee can complete a certificate outside of 7Shifts and we would be like to upload to their employee profile. On the verse side, if an on-boarding is completed in 7shifts, we need to be able to download and store with our payroll company. I don't see this endpoint available? Something that you would be willing to add? Thank you, Eric Osborn HeadPinz Entertainment

Get 7tasks vis API

Is there an endpoint that allows queries to the tasks in 7tasks? We're working on a custom integration where another tool should be aware of when tasks are scheduled in 7tasks.

Missing v2 endpoints

Hi, we're in the process of migrating to the v2 API with the v1 api being EOL soon. We noticed the following endpoints are not available in v2 - is there a plan to add these soon before EOL for v1? v1/hourly_projected_sales → Get Hourly Predictions v1/projected_sales_edits → Push Hourly Predictions Thanks!

Create a new receipt of type refund

I am trying to create a refund receipt by calling the endpoint: https://api.7shifts.com/v2/company/{company_id}/receipts but it doesn't accept a negative value in the net_total field. I haven't found anything for this subject in the documentation of this endpoint, but in the update receipt https://developers.7shifts.com/docs/sales-integration-update-receipt-data, it indicates that the total should be indicated in negative. How should we create that new receipt? Thanks, Joan

GET https://api.7shifts.com/v2/company/{company_id}/users stopped working

Hi - I've been using that endpoint for some time, but I started getting this error a couple days ago: { "title": "Internal Server Error", "type": "https://httpstatus.es/500", "status": 500, "detail": "Body does not match schema for content-type \"application/json\" for Response [get /api/v2/company/{company_id}/users 200]\nLength of 'https://815eb0704ee5fefc0823-732830497efdb0e881ba2bd815804c2e.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/0b70b95deb2dfeeb11aa462c44169894/bec63434938611c798b0b445f80a2782_63394.jpg' must be shorter or equal to 100 (data.50.photo)." } That's the error I got from the "Try It" box just now on https://developers.7shifts.com/reference/listuserslist Did something change on that endpoint? Thanks, Bao

Custom sales projections API

Hi, We are trying to send custom DAILY projections to 7shift using the custom sales projections api documented here - https://developers.7shifts.com/v1.0/reference/custom-sales-projections It doesn't appear to be working however - it gives a success but doesnt make a change in 7shifts. It appears department id might need to be sent along with the request but this isnt in the documentation and we dont know which department we would send this against. Thanks Sam

How do I get a role_id when querying for shifts (v2 API)?

When I query for shifts, I get valid data, such as the "user_id" and a "start" and "end" time. I can see "department_id" but "role_id" is always "0"! What am I doing wrong? In my case, department will be either "restaurant" or "bar", but I want the role for each shift, which would be something like "cook", "hostess", "dishwasher", etc.. Note that when I query for users and wages, I can see roles just fine.