Version 2023-04-01 Released

The following changes were introduced in version 2023-04-01 on April 5, 2023:

Added the following new endpoints:

Deprecated/Deleted the following endpoints:

  • External User Mappings [location only]. These endpoints only provided location level mapping
  • Update day part settings for tip pools.
  • Update user department assignments.

The following changes were introduced:

  • On Receipts endpoints we removed the minimum restrictions for receipt line items properties gross_item_price, net_item_price, price, quantity
  • On the List Roles endpoint you can now retrieve specific roles by id using the ids array parameter
  • On the List Shifts endpoint you can now send a datetime for the modified_since query parameter.
  • On the List Time Punches endpoint we have:
    • deprecated the include_deleted parameter
    • added the parameter deleted to include deleted time punches
    • the approved parameter can now be null
  • On the Daily Sales & Labor report endpoint we have added the following properties actual_items, actual_labor_minutes, actual_ot_minutes, department_id, labor_target, location_id, projected_items, projected_items_override, projected_labor_minutes, projected_sales_override
  • On the Worked Hours & Wages report endpoint we have added the following properties to totals non_premium_overtime_hours, non_premium_overtime_pay, premium_overtime_hours, premium_overtime_pay