API V1 Endpoint Deprecation Notice

7shifts is deprecating API V1 endpoint resources starting September 30, 2022 and will be End of Life (EOL) on May 31, 2023. Please the read the Migrating to V2 Endpoints Guide to understand the impact of the changes and how to migrate to supported endpoints.

Introduction of Access Tokens

We are introducing Access Tokens as a new authentication method to access our API resources. Access Tokens are replacing API keys and have the following benefits:

API Key Deprecation notice

7shifts is deprecating API key authentication to access API resources starting August 31, 2022 and will be End of Life (EOL) on March 31, 2023. Please the read the Migrating from API Keys Guide to understand the impact of the changes and how to migrate to a supported authentication method.

Version 2022-07-13 Pre-release updates

The following changes were introduced in version 2022-07-13 Pre-release:

Introduction of V2 Endpoints and Guides

We have introduced a new version of our APIs that include numerous improvements. If you are starting a new integration or want to find out more check out our guides and API reference to get familiar with the changes. For a list of improvements and changes check out the migrating to V2 endpoints guide.

Updated labor integration details

The Labor integration guides have been updated to detail when to use local or UTC date times when using different payload structures for time punches and breaks. Check out the guides Overview for more details.

Added support of State parameter in Company Grant Flow

We now support a state parameter during the company grant process. This can help prevent CSRF attacks or provide state information back to your application once a grant is created. Full details in the OAuth Authentication guide.

New 7punches App Switching Guide

A new guide has been added for 7punches App Switching. This guide is designed for POS operators that want to use 7shifts for labor and don't want to integrate using the API. This allows the installation of 7punches into a POS and you are able to invoke the app via a URL and it will switch back to the POS application once the time punching is complete. Android support only at this time.

Changes to the user.created webhook payload

The user.created webhook payload has changed. The payload now includes the location, departments and role IDs the user has been assigned to. You can find more information in the user.created webhook documentation.

New Webhoook topic

The following webhooks documentation was updated to include sample payloads.