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Providing Roles object in Users endpoint


We're using 7Shifts to sync our staff lists across platforms (it makes more sense to make 7Shifts the point of origination, since managers interact with 7Shifts more than other platforms we use). Our company has multiple Companies, each company has multiple Locations, and users can be assigned to multiple Locations (including cross-company).

We've actually finished the synchronization integration we wanted to achieve, but our total user list exceeds 1,400 users. What's happening is we're querying the /users endpoint for each company, then having to individually query the /roles endpoint for each user. This methodology is as-per the guide provided on the API documentation.

Our script execution time for active users only is 74 seconds, for all users including inactive, it's 280 seconds. This isn't a problem for us, but I just wanted to provide a suggestion to provide the Roles object when access the /users endpoint (maybe make it a query parameter). We would be able to synchronize our user list with a total of a dozen API calls instead of over 1,000 of them and reduce load on your server.