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Enforce minimum plan

Our integration uses features that require "The Works" plan, or possibly a partial featureset with the "Entree" plan I want to make sure that customers have the appropriate plan when enabling the integration. Is this our responsibility to enforce this? How do I enforce it? I assume I check `plan_id` in the /v2/companies endpoint. What are the possible values for this field?

Get 7tasks vis API

Is there an endpoint that allows queries to the tasks in 7tasks? We're working on a custom integration where another tool should be aware of when tasks are scheduled in 7tasks.

Weekly wage on List Shifts endpoint

Hi, We are pulling shifts using the list shifts endpoint. I noticed that weekly wages are returned under the hourly_wage field. I dont see a related field that can tell us whether that is a weekly salary or an hourly wage. Is it possible to add that context, or to have the hourly wage calculated from weekly down to hourly? Thanks!

Employee Bidding on shifts

I am an employee working for a company that uses 7shifts. When bidding on a shift that a co-worker has given up the shift typically goes to who bids on it first. Is there an API for employee use so I can automate bidding on shifts?

Get shifts between 2 dates

Hi, I'm trying to get shifts between 2 dates, but im getting a 500 error: e.g /v1/shifts?start[gte]=2022-04-01&end[lte]=2022-04-02 I tried the following instead: /v1/shifts?start[gte]=2022-04-01&start[lte]=2022-04-02 This comes back with data, but the less than or equals is working like less than - ie its returning shifts that start only on April 1, even though i requested shifts that are less than or equal to april 2

Invalid Time zone

{"user_id":4234955,"role_id":1092174,"department_id":326030,"location_id":225051,"clocked_in":"2022-1-19 10:13:11","clocked_out":"2022-1-19 10:13:11"} I have sent UTC as well as local time response is always the same. {"status":"error","message":"Location timezone is invalid","type":"unknown"} try this on you postman.