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Weekly wage on List Shifts endpoint

Hi, We are pulling shifts using the list shifts endpoint. I noticed that weekly wages are returned under the hourly_wage field. I dont see a related field that can tell us whether that is a weekly salary or an hourly wage. Is it possible to add that context, or to have the hourly wage calculated from weekly down to hourly? Thanks!

Employee Bidding on shifts

I am an employee working for a company that uses 7shifts. When bidding on a shift that a co-worker has given up the shift typically goes to who bids on it first. Is there an API for employee use so I can automate bidding on shifts?

Get shifts between 2 dates

Hi, I'm trying to get shifts between 2 dates, but im getting a 500 error: e.g /v1/shifts?start[gte]=2022-04-01&end[lte]=2022-04-02 I tried the following instead: /v1/shifts?start[gte]=2022-04-01&start[lte]=2022-04-02 This comes back with data, but the less than or equals is working like less than - ie its returning shifts that start only on April 1, even though i requested shifts that are less than or equal to april 2

Invalid Time zone

{"user_id":4234955,"role_id":1092174,"department_id":326030,"location_id":225051,"clocked_in":"2022-1-19 10:13:11","clocked_out":"2022-1-19 10:13:11"} I have sent UTC as well as local time response is always the same. {"status":"error","message":"Location timezone is invalid","type":"unknown"} try this on you postman.