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Employee previous wages

Hello, For the endpoint `GET https://api.7shifts.com/v1/user/[userid]/wages`, we can pull the current and upcoming wages, but this endpoint doesn't appear to pull prior wages. How can we pull wages for a date before the current date? Thanks

SHift sync behavior

Hello, I have a two questions related to fetching shifts. 1. Is it possible to fetch shifts based on the modified field? this would prevent re-polling an entire period when it is likely that few or no records have changed. 2. For deleted records (ie: https://api.7shifts.com/v1/shifts?deleted=1), all results show up with deleted=false and soft_deleted=null. Should those columns just be disregarded, or is this a bug? Thank you

Creating a PuncTime Data

I am creating a Punchtime data but getting the response 'Location timezone is invalid' However, the request data json from the API documentation does not have any field for location time zone. Is this a setup issue? Please help me resolve this issue. Thanks


We are using the API to pull the time_punches call for a pay period. We then calculate the total time from the start and end time, subtract any unpaid breaks and have a total time. This allows us to import the time into the payroll system. But, when compared to the worked hours and wages report, there is an OT column. How do I get OT from the time_punches?

Rate Limiting

Hey! Do 7Shifts have Rate Limiting? If it has how we can get information about rate-limiting?