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We are using the API to pull the time_punches call for a pay period. We then calculate the total time from the start and end time, subtract any unpaid breaks and have a total time. This allows us to import the time into the payroll system. But, when compared to the worked hours and wages report, there is an OT column. How do I get OT from the time_punches?

Rate Limiting

Hey! Do 7Shifts have Rate Limiting? If it has how we can get information about rate-limiting?

Creating a PuncTime Data

I am creating a Punchtime data but getting the response 'Location timezone is invalid' However, the request data json from the API documentation does not have any field for location time zone. Is this a setup issue? Please help me resolve this issue. Thanks

Invalid Time zone

{"user_id":4234955,"role_id":1092174,"department_id":326030,"location_id":225051,"clocked_in":"2022-1-19 10:13:11","clocked_out":"2022-1-19 10:13:11"} I have sent UTC as well as local time response is always the same. {"status":"error","message":"Location timezone is invalid","type":"unknown"} try this on you postman.

api endpoint sample CURL

Hi could you please provide a Curl example of authentication to any endpoint using 7shift thanks

SHift sync behavior

Hello, I have a two questions related to fetching shifts. 1. Is it possible to fetch shifts based on the modified field? this would prevent re-polling an entire period when it is likely that few or no records have changed. 2. For deleted records (ie: https://api.7shifts.com/v1/shifts?deleted=1), all results show up with deleted=false and soft_deleted=null. Should those columns just be disregarded, or is this a bug? Thank you

Oauth Callback URL

Hi, In the oauth authentication guide (https://developers.7shifts.com/docs/oauth-authentication), the documentation specifies that the callback url will be in the following format: https://your-callback-url/{CLIENT_ID}#guid={GUID}&company_id={COMPANY_ID} Does this imply the client id is appended to the url path after your callback url, or this is just an example callback url? Thanks

Location timezone is invalid

this is the message returned 'Location timezone is invalid' on clock in. the location is set to america/toronto.

Integration Parameters

Hello there, I have a question from your Create Receipts documentation(https://developers.7shifts.com/reference/create-receipt) it lists the only parameters that are able to be passed are total, open_date, location_id, external_id. Are these the only types that can be passed over from an external system? For example we have ordernumber, orderid, orderitems, among others, and we have a client that reached out asking if an integration with 7shifts is possible. Thanks,

Employee previous wages

Hello, For the endpoint `GET https://api.7shifts.com/v1/user/[userid]/wages`, we can pull the current and upcoming wages, but this endpoint doesn't appear to pull prior wages. How can we pull wages for a date before the current date? Thanks