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HTML or special characters (newlines) in event descriptions

Is there really no way I can have multiple lines of text in an event? I've tried through the UI and API, HTML is not rendered, newlines are not rendered ... this seems like a simple thing to add any meaningful detail to schedule events.

No chat with support option on desktop

I'm trying to contact support. The support page says live chat can be accessed on the side bar at the bottom of the screen. However I don't see this option. How am I supposed to start a live chat?

The DVP of technology is inherent to its scalability - why only support admin level API when it constricts C-Suite's ability to delegate tasks?

In many respects I very much enjoy the 7shifts experience and what the app does well it really nails. However, the reality of an industry who is so diffuse in their tech stack is that an inability to be interoperable, compatible and flexible towards the material reality of the customer won't lock them in in an apple like way, but instead encourage them to jump ship to services who will allow for that flexibility.

Retrieve data depicted in "Shift Pool" report

Dear team Is there a way to retrieve the data depicted in the "shift pool" report? For each employee and defined time period, the number of shifts that were assigned (scheduled), offered up, picked up, traded and actually performed? Thank you for the support Best Robin

Is there any otherway to get the data without passing more than 1 parent_id in the endpoints

Hello Team, I am a developer at Fivetran, and I develop API connectors that pull the data from the source and push it to the destination. I have faced a challenge while working on the 7shifts API connector for a client. The challenge is, that a few endpoints need the multiple parent_ids (mostly two parent_ids, a few need 3 parent_ids) to get a successful call. It is a very challenging task for us to call multiple parent_ids at a time, instead, I would like to know if there is any other way to get those endpoints data without passing more than one parent_id in path/query params. I appreciate any assistance or insight you can provide on this challenge. Thanks, Shanmukh

Why did 7Shift charge existing customer more while advertising lower price on their website

![]( ![](

hire date not reflecting in user profile

I have created user using api but hire date not reflecting over UI although its showing in api response CompanyId: 230493 UserId: 7516320

Forecast override endpoint occassionally returns 500 errors

Hi, We use the forecast override endpoints on the v2 api (<>) and have noticed it occasionally returns a 500 error for us with no details. If we re-run, it sometimes works. Its hard to replicate - is there any logging on your side that might indicate why this is happening? Thanks Sam


I am a Chick-fil-A franchise. Each restaurant may use whatever schedule software they like however Chick-fil-A Inc has a deep integration with Hotschedules (which I dislike). There are couple off 3rd party shift management apps that were designed specifically for swift management in a Chick-fil-A. These apps use a HotSchedules integration that provides scheduling data for each employee allowing the app to assist creating setup/positions for every employee, break management and a lot more. For franchisees you choose not to use HotSchedules we are unable to use these third-party apps. When I discussed the potential opportunity with these companies, they said for me to contact 7shifts and see if they do third-party APIs so that I can send my scheduling data automatically to the app provider. While it may be possible to send a weekly csv file of my schedule, realistically an API is far more practical. Does 7Shifts offer such APIs?

Push predictions does not work

Good morning, we are trying to send daily and hourly forecasts to 7Shifts via endpoints: Daily: `{company_id}/location/{location_id}/forecast_override` Hourly: `{company_id}/locations/{location_id}/forecast_override_interval` But we are not seeing any changes reflected in the 7Shifts at the time of the request, e.g: ![]( While the request is created and gives a success message, we do not see any change in 7shifts: ![]( Can you confirm or give me the correct steps to see these changes reflected in 7shifts. Also I checked with the endpoint `` and it does not show me the same value I sent. ![]( Thank you and I look forward to your reply