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API Key End Of Life Notice

API keys are no longer supported. You must transition to a supported authentication method in order to avoid service interruptions.

Please reference our API Key migration guide for more details.

To get started, we recommend reading through our API documentation on authenticating and learning the endpoints.

This section includes a set of guides to be used for specific types of integration. For instance, if you have a POS that you want integrated, you may want to use the sales and labor guides. If you are an earned-wage access partner, then you may want to use our EWA/payroll guide.


V1 Endpoint Deprecation Notice

On September 30, 2022, 7shifts is no longer recommending using API V1 endpoints to access API resources if an equivalent V2 endpoint exists. You can continue to use V1 endpoints during the deprecation period until is is EOL on May 31, 2023.

Please reference our V2 Endpoint migration guide for more details.