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Get shifts between 2 dates

Hi, I'm trying to get shifts between 2 dates, but im getting a 500 error: e.g /v1/shifts?start[gte]=2022-04-01&end[lte]=2022-04-02 I tried the following instead: /v1/shifts?start[gte]=2022-04-01&start[lte]=2022-04-02 This comes back with data, but the less than or equals is working like less than - ie its returning shifts that start only on April 1, even though i requested shifts that are less than or equal to april 2

Employee Bidding on shifts

I am an employee working for a company that uses 7shifts. When bidding on a shift that a co-worker has given up the shift typically goes to who bids on it first. Is there an API for employee use so I can automate bidding on shifts?

Providing Roles object in Users endpoint

Hello! We're using 7Shifts to sync our staff lists across platforms (it makes more sense to make 7Shifts the point of origination, since managers interact with 7Shifts more than other platforms we use). Our company has multiple Companies, each company has multiple Locations, and users can be assigned to multiple Locations (including cross-company). We've actually finished the synchronization integration we wanted to achieve, but our total user list exceeds 1,400 users. What's happening is we're querying the /users endpoint for each company, then having to individually query the /roles endpoint for each user. This methodology is as-per the guide provided on the API documentation. Our script execution time for active users only is 74 seconds, for all users including inactive, it's 280 seconds. This isn't a problem for us, but I just wanted to provide a suggestion to provide the Roles object when access the /users endpoint (maybe make it a query parameter). We would be able to synchronize our user list with a total of a dozen API calls instead of over 1,000 of them and reduce load on your server.

Weekly wage on List Shifts endpoint

Hi, We are pulling shifts using the list shifts endpoint. I noticed that weekly wages are returned under the hourly_wage field. I dont see a related field that can tell us whether that is a weekly salary or an hourly wage. Is it possible to add that context, or to have the hourly wage calculated from weekly down to hourly? Thanks!



How to retrieve a photo using v2 API?

When I query users and look at the "photo" property, I see something like this: f503fa8283021a3bc2c69b46f29d8a1a_61954.jpg But I can't figure out how to turn that into a useable URL from which to fetch the photo. For example, the following does NOT work: https://api.7shifts.com/img/f503fa8283021a3bc2c69b46f29d8a1a_61954.jpg

How do I get a role_id when querying for shifts (v2 API)?

When I query for shifts, I get valid data, such as the "user_id" and a "start" and "end" time. I can see "department_id" but "role_id" is always "0"! What am I doing wrong? In my case, department will be either "restaurant" or "bar", but I want the role for each shift, which would be something like "cook", "hostess", "dishwasher", etc.. Note that when I query for users and wages, I can see roles just fine.

GET https://api.7shifts.com/v2/company/{company_id}/users stopped working

Hi - I've been using that endpoint for some time, but I started getting this error a couple days ago: { "title": "Internal Server Error", "type": "https://httpstatus.es/500", "status": 500, "detail": "Body does not match schema for content-type \"application/json\" for Response [get /api/v2/company/{company_id}/users 200]\nLength of 'https://815eb0704ee5fefc0823-732830497efdb0e881ba2bd815804c2e.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/0b70b95deb2dfeeb11aa462c44169894/bec63434938611c798b0b445f80a2782_63394.jpg' must be shorter or equal to 100 (data.50.photo)." } That's the error I got from the "Try It" box just now on https://developers.7shifts.com/reference/listuserslist Did something change on that endpoint? Thanks, Bao

Custom sales projections API

Hi, We are trying to send custom DAILY projections to 7shift using the custom sales projections api documented here - https://developers.7shifts.com/v1.0/reference/custom-sales-projections It doesn't appear to be working however - it gives a success but doesnt make a change in 7shifts. It appears department id might need to be sent along with the request but this isnt in the documentation and we dont know which department we would send this against. Thanks Sam

Create a new receipt of type refund

I am trying to create a refund receipt by calling the endpoint: https://api.7shifts.com/v2/company/{company_id}/receipts but it doesn't accept a negative value in the net_total field. I haven't found anything for this subject in the documentation of this endpoint, but in the update receipt https://developers.7shifts.com/docs/sales-integration-update-receipt-data, it indicates that the total should be indicated in negative. How should we create that new receipt? Thanks, Joan