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The DVP of technology is inherent to its scalability - why only support admin level API when it constricts C-Suite's ability to delegate tasks?

In many respects I very much enjoy the 7shifts experience and what the app does well it really nails. However, the reality of an industry who is so diffuse in their tech stack is that an inability to be interoperable, compatible and flexible towards the material reality of the customer won't lock them in in an apple like way, but instead encourage them to jump ship to services who will allow for that flexibility.

Is there any otherway to get the data without passing more than 1 parent_id in the endpoints

Hello Team, I am a developer at Fivetran, and I develop API connectors that pull the data from the source and push it to the destination. I have faced a challenge while working on the 7shifts API connector for a client. The challenge is, that a few endpoints need the multiple parent_ids (mostly two parent_ids, a few need 3 parent_ids) to get a successful call. It is a very challenging task for us to call multiple parent_ids at a time, instead, I would like to know if there is any other way to get those endpoints data without passing more than one parent_id in path/query params. I appreciate any assistance or insight you can provide on this challenge. Thanks, Shanmukh

Forecast override endpoint occassionally returns 500 errors

Hi, We use the forecast override endpoints on the v2 api (<https://developers.7shifts.com/reference/createprojectedsalesintervaloverride>) and have noticed it occasionally returns a 500 error for us with no details. If we re-run, it sometimes works. Its hard to replicate - is there any logging on your side that might indicate why this is happening? Thanks Sam

Why is time punch rejected with "You must select a department when saving."?

The docs for time punches do not say anything about the department being required in order to create a new time punch. However, the response I get from the post to create a time punch is as follows: ``` ( "title": "Bad Request", "type": "https://httpstatus.es/400", "status": 400, "detail": "You must select a department when saving." } ``` For the v1 API, we had implemented code to discover and supply a department, but after confirming with support that the department would no longer be required, we removed all that. So, if it is not required, why am I getting this response? If it is required, why is it not documented as such and why has support told me that it's not? If the department is required, it would seem appropriate for there to be more discussion of how to discover the correct department, since we don't need department information for any other purpose.

Weekly wage on List Shifts endpoint

Hi, We are pulling shifts using the list shifts endpoint. I noticed that weekly wages are returned under the hourly_wage field. I dont see a related field that can tell us whether that is a weekly salary or an hourly wage. Is it possible to add that context, or to have the hourly wage calculated from weekly down to hourly? Thanks!

Employee Bidding on shifts

I am an employee working for a company that uses 7shifts. When bidding on a shift that a co-worker has given up the shift typically goes to who bids on it first. Is there an API for employee use so I can automate bidding on shifts?

Get shifts between 2 dates

Hi, I'm trying to get shifts between 2 dates, but im getting a 500 error: e.g /v1/shifts?start[gte]=2022-04-01&end[lte]=2022-04-02 I tried the following instead: /v1/shifts?start[gte]=2022-04-01&start[lte]=2022-04-02 This comes back with data, but the less than or equals is working like less than - ie its returning shifts that start only on April 1, even though i requested shifts that are less than or equal to april 2

Invalid Time zone

{"user_id":4234955,"role_id":1092174,"department_id":326030,"location_id":225051,"clocked_in":"2022-1-19 10:13:11","clocked_out":"2022-1-19 10:13:11"} I have sent UTC as well as local time response is always the same. {"status":"error","message":"Location timezone is invalid","type":"unknown"} try this on you postman.