Daily Sales & Labor Report

The Daily Sales & Labor report endpoint provides summarized insights into sales and labor information including actual and projected values. This report requires the use of 7punches or a POST integration that includes labor.


Plan Restricted Endpoint

The use of this endpoint is restricted to The Works or higher 7shifts plan. Please reference the plan requirements guide for more information.

This report payload will include a subset of the Actuals report that can be found in the Reports section of the 7shifts app.

Requests Best Practices

The Daily Sales & Labor report endpoint allows you to run reports across the entire company and for an unlimited time range, although in most cases specifying too long of a time range will require a signifiant time to process and you will receive a 500 or 502 time out error. HTTP requests have a maximum time of 30 seconds to complete execution. Add filters (query parameters) to your request to constrain the data fetched by the report and ensure that you can receive the data within 30 seconds.

You can specify the following filters:

Query ParameterDescriptionNotes
start_date and to_dateSpecify the start and end date for the reportIt is recommended to use a maximum range of 4 weeks for the report. If you receive a 500 or 502 timeout error, try shortening the report time range.
location_idLocation filter for the reportOptionally filter the report to a single location.
department_idDepartment filter for the reportOptionally filter the report to a single department. When specifying a department_id it is required to specify the location_id the department belongs to.

Report Data

The report data will include the summarized sales and labor data for each day specified in the report range. Below is a description and sources of each of the values:

datedateThe day for the summarized sales and labor data
actual_salesintActual sales in cents. Requires a POS integration or manually importing sales data.
projected_salesintProjected sales in cents. Projections are only available on the Entrée plan and above.
actual_labor_costintActual labor costs in cents. Labor costs calculated from 7punches or POS labor integration data.
projected_labor_costintProjected labor costs in cents. An Actual Sales integration with a POS is required before your Projected Sales can be automatically provided.
sales_per_labor_hourfloatThe amount of sales per employee hour worked in cents.
labor_percentfloatThe actual labor percentage.

Example data payload:

    "data": [
            "date": "2022-12-01",
            "actual_sales": 210692,
            "projected_sales": 275323,
            "actual_labor_cost": 38137,
            "projected_labor_cost": 7142,
            "sales_per_labor_hour": 5551.831357048748,
            "labor_percent": 0.18100829647067757
            "date": "2022-12-02",
            "actual_sales": 431281,
            "projected_sales": 439672,
            "actual_labor_cost": 24427,
            "projected_labor_cost": 7142,
            "sales_per_labor_hour": 17932.681912681914,
            "labor_percent": 0.05663824745351639