Override Sales Projections

Both our Labor Budget Tool and Optimal Labor Tool rely on sales forecasts to help you make more efficient scheduling decisions. 7shifts uses historical sales data to generate sales projections which are used by both tools, and these sales projections can be edited manually though the 7shifts webapp or through our Custom Sales Projections API endpoint.

Budget tool

The budget tool allows for sales projections by day. Use our daily forecast override endpoints to override sales.

Optimal labor tool

The Optimal Labor Tool allows for projections by 15-minute increment.

NOTE: Interval overrides are only available in V1 endpoints.

Customers can choose to run their sales forecasting in-house, or use a partner for sales projections. Great - those forecasts can be automatically used in our scheduling tools!

Once you've run your projections, you can use our Custom Sales Projections API endpoint to override those projections. Both budget tools will use those new values to provide the most accurate scheduling recommendations.

To get the most out of the Optimal Labor Tool, use the smallest forecast time period available (15 minutes, hourly or daily). This will ensure the most accurate scheduling recommendations. The broader the time intervals, hourly or daily, the less accurate the Optimal Labor Tool forecasts will be.

The Labor Budget Tool uses daily totals for calculations. If smaller intervals are provided they will be accumulated per day.