We use these terms a lot in our guides, let's explain them briefly.

Primary Objects

  • Company
    • The primary account of a customer. A company is a grouping of locations. It houses users, locations, and top-level settings that configure an account.
  • Location
    • The physical brick & mortar of a restaurant.
  • Department
    • These are sections of a restaurant.
    • Examples: Back of House, Front of House, Kitchen, Drive-through
  • Role
    • A role describes what job an employee is working that day.
    • Examples: Server, Prep Cook, etc.
  • User
    • Users (aka. Employee) is typically assigned to one or many locations, departments, and roles, and shows up for their scheduled shifts, and clocks in / out accordingly.
  • Shift
    • A user is scheduled to work a role at a location, likely in a department, at a specific time. This is their shift.
  • Time Punch
    • Time punches represent clock actions, including breaks, attestation, health checks, and various other jurisdictional compliance data.
    • A user clocks in and out of their scheduled shift.