This step-by-step guide will walk you through creating a complete labor integration with 7shifts through our REST API.



This section requires an understanding of how to map locations, departments, and roles.

Upon completion of this guide, you will have the following:

What’s in it for the client?

  • See a detailed or summarized report for all scheduled or worked hours & wages recorded in 7shifts
  • See summarized operational sales and labor metrics
  • Understand the limitations and use best practices to generate reports


  • An OAuth client and company grant for a test/sandbox 7shifts account
  • cURL or Postman to make test requests


  • You may only make 10 requests per second, per access token, across all API endpoints
  • The daily sales & labor report requires that you have an active POS sales integration, and are using 7punches or have a POS integration with Actual Labor enabled
  • Reports are offered as a paid add-on and are subject to plan requirements