Integrating a POS

While 7shifts integrates with several of the most common POS companies, there will be instances where we simply don't have enough resources to build all POS integrations out in the market. To solve for this, we've opened up our APIs to allow several POS companies to integrate with us. If you wish to write an integration into 7shifts, you can do it by leveraging the following guides:

What guides do you need?

Ordered in priority of client-needs.

What's in it for the client?

  • Sales Integration:

    • Client will be able to see real-time sales via the 7shifts mobile apps.
    • Report on actual vs. projected.
    • Leverage 7shifts' future sales forecasting algorithm when building the schedule, which helps for setting up labor vs sales % target.
  • Labor Integration:

    • Ability to see actual labor data in real time in 7shifts.
    • See scheduled labor vs. worked labor variance.
    • Report on actual sales vs. actual labor data.
    • Receive break alerts if an employee hasn’t taken a break.
    • See who is clocked in at any given point of time.
    • Communicate with the employees currently clocked in.
    • Generate late clock-in summary reports.
    • Pull tips info into 7shifts.
    • Enable 7shifts’ Engage platform, allowing employee happiness & engagement scoring.
  • Schedule Enforcement

    • Ability to only allow employees to clock in that are actually scheduled to work.
    • Ability to specify a grace period within which an employee should be allowed to clock in before the start of a scheduled shift.
  • Employee sync

    • Ability to create new employees in your system and having them show up in 7shifts with proper role & wage data.
    • Ability to update existing 7shifts employee data to reflect changes from your system.
    • Ability to read employee & wage data from 7shifts.